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Customized Stuffs for My Old Tractor

       I realized that finding the old parts for an old tractor could bring me into deep stressful days. This happened to me recently.
       My Massey Ferguson 385 needed a new clutch and the dealer that was closest to me would not work on anything older than 15 years from current production. I took it here and they were able to rebuild the clutch and also pointed out a few other things on the tractor that needed to be fixed. They were a little more than I expected to spend but they were able to get the work done. They had the tractor for about a week and a day. Even offered to deliver to my house (there was a fee though). I know have them service my mower as well.
      Well, customized parts really worked for my old tractor. Thanks for Stanly Tractor Company to handle the problem very well so that I could go back to work.

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